Pengertian Tagged/Untagged/Off pada Pengaturan Port Switch OpenWrt

Ada yang nanya, “Apa sih pengertian Tagged/Untagged/Off port di OpenWrt?”

Terus terang saya juga bingung jawabnya, saya cuma tahu sebatas penggunaannya. Setelah saya browsing, dapatlah kira-kira pengertian/gambarannya, saya quote saja dari sumbernya:

noob question: What is the difference in setting cpu port to tagged, untagged and off?
I’ve read and read and read… and I just don’t understand tongue
Any pratical examples? big_smile

Well it is simple, the cpu port is a physical port on the switch that is internally connected to the cpu of the router.

off=no traffic to the router cpy
untagged=untagged traffic to the cpu of the router, that is seen by the cpu as just lan traffic
taggged= tagged/trunked traffic to the cpu of the router


Yeah… this is what is writen everywhere…
Can I create a vlan, tagging port 1 and 2 (or with 2 untagged ports), and setting cpu port to off? So that devices on these ports comunicate with each other, but not with the router?